A very fascinating book

posted by Ishant Jain August 28, 2016

This book contains a very novel & innovative solution for Making Innovations Happen in any organization or culture. A very engaging fictional story is written to convey the message, or I would say to teach the programme step by step, through dialogue and critical interrogation between two protagonists, Paul and Jio, & a tribal community people called Maveshars.

Jio and Paul are two young managers and have been tasked for driving innovation in their companies. Through their conversation they came to know about the Innovation Foresight (IF) Programme and the unusual IF award system among Maveshars. The story is very well portrayed and the characters seem like real people with real organizational issues solved in a realistic way and it will be fun to read it.

IF simply answers the following questions with some novel concepts/mechanisms:

– Why companies are incapable to generate foresight about future innovations?
– How to identify Disruptive ideas using filters?
– Why an organization is incapable of planning and deploying right resources for its innovation journey?
– How do you avoid pitfalls, problems and roadblocks?
– What proportion of compensation should be assign to innovations programs?
– How to democratize innovation – Driving innovation project which doesn’t have business case?
– How to drive collaborative innovations in business units and stakeholders sub sections?
– And many more …………………

I would call this as ‘Innovation Foresight Handbook’ to understand a very complex innovation portfolio, addresses paradoxes in innovation management in a very simplest way. Indeed, this book is a fascinating work, a great leveler to stimulate innovation across the gamut, in all walks of life.

I wish if this could be introduced as an online course.