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My Parents

 xl_papa  xl_mummy

My father, Roshan Lal: Learnt the most important values of ‘integrity’, ‘Hard work’

My mother, Raj Kumari: Learnt the importance of ‘Just do it’

My Family

 Sonal and Ravi

Sonal Arora, my wife: Still learning to build EQ from her

 puja  Cheeku_smaller

Adya Arora, our daughter: Our hope

Abheek Arora, our son: De-stresses all of us

My Alma Mater

 sacred Heart convent School_2  obra Inter college_0

Sacred Heart Convent School, Obra: Learnt the importance of discipline

Inter College, Obra: Helped me build self-confidence

 Roorkee_0  XLRI_0

IIT Roorkee: Learnt to balance life with fun, My best time

XLRI, Jamshedpur: Turning point in my professional life

My Laboratory

 tata steel  Tata Sons_0

Tata Steel: My first job, a place where there are no limits to experiment and learn

TQMS, Tata Sons: A fabulous place to learn anything and everything about business management

My Guides

 xl_Mr R Ramchandran

R Ramachandran: Lucky to have a first boss like him, very demanding and appreciative

 Dr TM_0  muthu_1

T Mukherjee: Learnt how to be ‘strategic thinker’ and also ‘execution focus’

B Muthuraman: Taught me about the most important aspect: ‘people focus’

 Gopal_1  sunil sinha

R Gopalakrishnan: Always in awe of his professionalism, Still learning how to ‘dream together’ and the power of ‘simple language’

Sunil Sinha: Benchmark in creating and nurturing networks

My Relatives


Mrs Narendra Gera my mother-in-law: Steel woman; an independent thinker

 rachna  large_Pankaj_banti_0

Rachna Sindhwani, my sister: My fond memories of childhood

Pankaj Arora, my brother: Exhibits ‘Perseverance pays’

My Supporters

 sanjay verma  sanjeev kumar

Sanjay Verma and Bhavik Gajera: Taught me how to create websites!

Sanjeev Kumar: Source of my confidence!